Presenting the Past to Preserve the Future

The WCWA is committed to honoring our ancestors, both Northern and Southern, who fought in or lived during the American Civil War. With this goal in mind, the WCWA sponsors living history encampments, battle reenactments, school programs, and recruiting drives throughout the state of Washington. The WCWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to education of the public in regards to the events and causes of the war between the states (American Civil War).
The WCWA consists of smaller groups of reenactors formed to portray different units and organizations that existed during the American Civil War. These groups portray civilians, infantry, cavalry, artillery, navy, marines, engineers, surgeons, nurses, ministry and sutlers. They attend events sponsored by the WCWA to help recreate and educate the public about the events and attitudes of the time.

 Union Battalion 

The Union Battalion of the Washington Civil War Association takes pride in honoring tradition. Our Battalion is commonly referred to as the Army of the Columbia, which follows the Union tradition of naming its forces for the nearest body of water. Since the forces that comprise the Army of the Columbia represent all theaters of the war and were never historically together, the Army is fictitiously designated as belonging to the 42nd Corps (Washington is the 42nd state).

CSA Battalion

The Confederate Brigade of the WCWA consists of 7 regiments of Infantry, 1 regiment of Cavalry, 1 Artillery battery.

Also attached to, and under the protection of the Confederate military, are the Confederate refugees. Our Confederate civilians are always close by in the comforts of their towns. Each unit is a separate club with its own requirements, regulations, and identity, but on the field we fight as one cohesive brigade.


The Civil War was more than soldiers and battles. It was a complex web of relationships and inner workings between government, military and civilians. Civilians were relied upon to supply soldiers with necessities of life whether willfully or forced when both governments fell short.

The civilian members of the WCWA strive to provide an authentic representation of these complex roles.
The following lists examples of, but is not limited to, personas that you can adopt:

Camp cook/laundress
Local law enforcement
Black Smith
Sanitary commission

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