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Information for Visitors

The Washington Civil War Association welcomes you to attend our living history and battle events. (See our events page for the latest schedule.) Here are a few tips to help you get the most out your visit.

Dress for the weather. Bring an extra jacket, especially to events in coastal or wooded areas. In wet weather, wear waterproof shoes.

What to bring to a living history event:

  • An umbrella (doubles as a parasol on sunny days).
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bottled water, snacks, or a picnic lunch.
  • Ear plugs or hearing protectors for young children.
  • Your camera, for some great photos of battles or camp life.
  • Your questions! Re-enactors love to talk to visitors about life during the war.

Events are often held in areas with uneven terrain. This may cause difficulties for those who have trouble walking. Please contact the event coordinator for details of a particular event. (Event coordinators are listed on our event schedule page.)

Battles feature black powder guns and cannon. These weapons are loaded with "blank" or powder-only rounds, producing noise and smoke, but firing no bullets. Battle noise may be too loud for some children, pets, or others with sensitive hearing. Consider bringing ear plugs for your children and leaving noise-sensitive animals at home.


Please do not leave animals in your car. It can get hot quickly, even on cloudy days, which may cause injury to your pet. Loud noises can sometimes spook animals, even from the parking lot. We do not want your animal to become lost or injured.

Souvenirs are available at events in from the sutleries (stores that specialize in Civil War items). While many sutleries take credit cards, cash is universally accepted and faster to use. Admission is cash only.

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