USS Tahoma Marines at Port Gamble June 20 2009

USS Tahoma Marine Guard American Civil War Re-enactors

Uniform and Equipment Standards:

If you are new to re-enacting and you are interested in becoming a member of USS Tahoma Marine Guard, it has been our experience to contact one of the USS Tahoma Marine members, Civilian or Military, to discuss the appropriate uniform and equipment items before you make your uniform and equipment purchase. We have learned over the years that there are many sutlers to purchase from and only a handful that understand and carry appropriate uniform and equipment. We have a list of preferred sutlers that will provide period correct uniform and equipment.

We welcome women members to fall in the ranks with the Marines if they desire a military role over civilian.

If you are thinking about transferring to the USS Tahoma Marines, please contact one of our military members to discuss using some or all of your existing uniform and equipment.

Military contacts: Howard Struve

Civilian contacts: Cheryl Reams


1859 U.S. Marine Uniform Regulations (click here)


TMG Basic Uniform/Equipment Standards (MS Word Document - click here)