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U.S. Marines American Civil War Battle History

October 17, 1859 Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Marines led by Lt. Israel Greene and a paymaster major with 6 sergeants & 80 marines meet Colonel Robert E. Lee, Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart to arrest John Brown and his raiders. This event is significant in Marine Corps history a prelude to the American Civil War

John Brown raid at Harpers Ferry(WVA&H)

John Brown raid at Harpers Ferry (Harper Ferry National Historic Park)

..........Marine Major John G Reynolds commanding officer recognized the short coming of his force and used each halt in the march on16 July to run his men through the manual of arms........To read more about the Marines in the 1st Battle of Bull Run see:

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The Battle of Bull Run (Civil War Home)

Honey Hill, South Carolina, November 30, 1864 the naval blocking squadron furnishes a naval brigade including a battalion of 182 Marines , for a joint expedition with the army. Units involved were: the 127th N.Y., 56th N.Y., 55th Massachusetts, 54th Massachusetts, 25th Ohio, 144th N.Y., Marines, 32nd US Color regiment, Naval Battery with a naval brigade in reserve. To read more about this engagement against the Confederate held fort see:

Honey Hill (Bits of Blue and Gray)

Honey Hill (South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust)

January 15, 1864 400 Marines and 1600 sailors take part in a ground assault on Fort Fisher. For more information see:

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