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*2020 WCWA Schedule- Printable *

 *School of Soldier on Friday, April 17 through Sunday, April 19

    Union Gap Living History/School of the Re-enactor, Central Washington Agricultural Museum, Union Gap, Sponsored (skirmish)

Contact Shane Colgazier,, (253) 851-5108. 

The WCWA Annual Membership meeting will be held at this event on Saturday, after Potatoe feed- 6:00 PM

It is time to Jine the WCWA- Goto the Members page

or online registration- click here to go to Enlist page.


**Reminder- Joining before March 31st is $5 bucks cheaper.**

This is from the rules and the Membership chair-
Monday 18 of May- is the last day for Renewal Membership to receive and process your 2020 Renewal Membership Applications for Cheney event. I REPEAT! No Renewal application for Cheny will be processed after the 20th and not at the Event!

WCWA - The Washington Civil War Association - Sign Up

 For Renewal or New members; Send completed Membership Forms, changes, and corrections to the WCWA Membership Coordinator: @

Sharron Bortz, 4104 E. 11th, Spokane, WA. 99202
(509) 535-3479 -




 Great Article- About Veterens and Reenacting- used as a coping method-By John E. Persinger