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Joining or Renewing Your Membership

Annual WCWA dues are $25.00 per person for persons age 18 and over, $15 for persons age 12 to 17, up to $40.00 per family. A "family" is up to two (2) adults and their dependent children. "Dependent" is defined as any child under age 18 or any child age 18 through age 25, that is a full time student and is 50% or more financially dependent on the parent(s).


If you Renew from Septemeber 1st (prior year) to March 31st (next season) You will recieve a $5 discount at Check-out. 

AFTER MARCH 31, the dues structure will changed to read

Annual WCWA dues are $30 per person for persons age 18 and over, $20 for persons age 12 to 17, up to $45 per family.  …

 Membership Forms and Safety Waivers

       Fillable Adult Membership Form and Safety Waiver - (Not Available for now)

       PDF     Adult Membership Form and Safety Waiver -

       Fillable  Youth (under 18 years) Membership Form & Waiver   (Not Available for now)

          PDF  Youth (under 18 years) Membership Form & Waiver


         PDF:  Sutler Form


 If you are Active, Guard or Reserve, you are eligible for a 50% discount of yearly dues.

       Fillable  Adult membership for Active, Guard or Reserve members    (Not Available for now)

       PDF      Adult membership for Active, Guard or Reserve members   


1. Complete a Membership Form and Safety Waiver for each member of your household. 

          Membership runs for one year (January through December) and must be renewed annually. 

New members who pay their membership dues after August 1st are considered paid members for the following year as well.

 ***Bylaws G-VI  A "family" is up to two (2) adults and their dependent children.  A “dependent” child is defined as any child under the age of 18, and also includes children ages 18 through 25 who are full time students and are 50% or more financially dependent on the/a parent(s).  Children under age 12 are free but a membership form and minor waiver of liability must be submitted for each of them.  vii.  A WCWA member is a person who completes a WCWA paper or online membership application and pays the applicable fee for that membership which has been validated by the WCWA Membership Coordinator.

2. Send your Membership Form and annual membership dues ($25/individual age 18 or older, $15/individual 12-17 years of age, up to $40/family) To, WCWA Membership Coordinator. (see below) 

"Individual member companies may also charge additional dues."


Don't know who your unit commander is? Check the Union or Confederate or Civilian contact page.
Don't have a unit? New to reenacting? Want to know how to join? Find out more.  


UNIT RESOURCES:  Transfer Orders:

                         Morning WCWA REPORT

3. For Renewel or New members; Send completed Membership Forms, changes, and corrections to the WCWA Membership Coordinator:


Cory Robinson

Po Box 13003

Olympia, WA 98508                                    

We no longer use Membership Cards. A roster will be sent to each event. If you are not on that list, alert your Commander or unit rep. If the roster information is incorrect, make a note on roster.


Board Meeting Minutes  (under development) 

November, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes                               

 Next- Read WCWA Safety Standards.

Safety Rules and Test

       Safety Rules (Revised 2019) Use 2013 Test and scorecard(Nov 2019 Bylaws)
       Safety Test (Revised 2019
       Safety Score Sheet 2019

As of 2010, every new WCWA member at least twelve (12) years old must complete the basic safety test after joining. (Individual units may require periodic tests of all members.) In addition, artillery reenactors and those working with artillery must complete the artillery test, engineers and those working with special effects must complete the Engineer test, and cavalry and others working with horses must complete the cavalry test. Reenactors are welcome to complete tests outside of their specialty to increase their understanding of safety procedures. Safety tests must be administered by unit commanders or those appointed by the unit commander; specialty tests must be administered by a unit commander in that field of expertise. Copies of completed safety tests will be kept by the unit commander for verification upon request. 

* Download the Safety Test and Score Sheet (links above). 

* Complete General Safety Test (required for all members 12 years and older).

* Complete the Artillery, Cavalry and Engineering Tests, as required for your unit.

Event Information: If you are an Event Coordinator, you need to submit Event Request to Event Coordinator before August BOD Meeting, for consideration for next years season at the September BOD Meeting. WCWA Event Request Form in word.

Insurance: If you need a Certificate of Insurance for an approved Event, submit this form; 60 days out.

  Insurance Request PDF

  Insurance Request XLS File