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Manuals and Drill Guides

Casey's 1863 Manual of Arms for the Rifle Musket

Poinsett’s Cavalry Tactics - for Reenactors

Kentucky Swing: Stacking Arms (Word Document)

Union Regimental Info from Dyer's Compendium

Manual of Arms for the Spencer Repeating Rifle

Volunteer's Manual (1861)

Gilham's Manual for Volunteers and Militia

Hardee's Tactics (1855)

U.S. Infantry Tactics

Volunteer's Handbook (1861)

Mahan's Outpost

Digest of U.S. Tactics for the Use of Officers (1862)

American Civil War Signals

Revised U.S. Army Regulations for 1861

Military Dictionary

Civil War Fortifications

Perfecting Your Impression

Duties of the First Sergeant

Duties of the Sergeant Major

Columbia Rifles Guide to Improving your Federal Soldier Impression

Fine-Tuning Your Impression

Civil War Era Tobacco Use

How to Complete a Morning Report Properly


Confederate "Columbus Depot" Jackets"

Original Civil War Uniforms

Survey of Confederate Central Government Quartermaster Issue Jackets


A Historical Look at Firearms of the Civil War

Less is More

Other Uses for the Canteen

Bridgeman Shelter Tent

The Lowly Blanket Roll


The CWI Civil War Cookbook

The Campaigner's Coffee

Confederate Coffee Substitutes

Q&A's about Dried Beef

Traveling Light

Need More Links?

The 64th Illinois "Yates Sharpshooters" (non-WCWA) has an extensive collection of research links.