• Printable Schedule on Monday, January 01 through Monday, December 31

    Printable- new 2018 WCWA Schedule

  • JAN BOD Mtg. on Saturday, January 20
    WCWA Next Board Meeting-January,
    General Board Meeting (Approval of the 2018 operating budget)

    Gar Michie  (509) 233-8912

    Historic Fort Steilacoom in Headquarters number 2 building

    Eastern WA-
    Spokane County Argonne Library, 4322 North Argonne Road, Spokane 99212.


  • April 16th Membership MTG on Monday, April 16
    • April, TBD, WCWA General Membership meeting
  • CWAM-School of Soldier on Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29

    April 27, 28, and 29, Union Gap Living History/School of the Re-enactor, Sanctioned (skirmish).  4508 Main St   Union Gap Wa.

    Contact Shane Colgazier, cretetard@centurytel.net, (253) 851-5108. 



  • Hovander on Tuesday, May 01

    May, TBD, Hovander/Ferndale School Event, Sanctioned (firing demo). 

    Contact Karrin Porret, skporrett@frontier.com 
  • Fort Lewis Armed Forces Day sanctioned (skirmish) on Saturday, May 19 through Saturday, May 19

    May 19, Fort Lewis Armed Forces Day, Ft. Lewis, Sanctioned (skirmish). 

    Contact Kevin Saville, kevin@saville.net (360) 292-0966.
  • Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade on Saturday, May 19 through Saturday, May 19

    May 19, Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade, Bremerton, Sanctioned (no skirmish). Contact Howard Struve, hstruve@wavecable.com (360) 874-8548.

  • Battle of Deep Creek on Saturday, May 26 through Monday, May 28

     Battle of Deep Creek, 811 North Deep Creek Road, Medical Lake, WA. (near Spokane), Sponsored public battle.  

    Contact Gary Michie, majormichie@gmail.com, all day phone (509) 233-8912

    Full Battle all three days, Memorial Special services Monday, Vendors, education and weapons DEMO's.  

    (Click here to see more) ->    Deep Creek,


  • Battle at Fulbright Park on Saturday, June 16 through Sunday, June 17

    June 16-17, Battle at Fullbright Park, Union Gap, Sponsored public battle. Contact Alan Geho, amgeho@msn.com .

    4508 Main Street - Union Gap - Washington - 98903 - info@ http://centralwaagmuseum.org


  • July Board Meeting TBD on Sunday, July 08 through Sunday, July 08
    • General Board Meeting, 
    • Westside Location TBD
    • Eastern WA-Spokane County Argonne Library, 4322 North Argonne Road, Spokane 99212.

      Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912,  majormichie@gmail.com

     "Appoint Election Coordinator"


  • Battle of Chehalis River on Saturday, July 21 through Sunday, July 22

     Battle of Chehalis River, Chehalis, Sponsored public battle.                      

    Contact Kevin Saville, kevin@saville.net, (360) 292-0966.;                                the Veterans Memorial Museum. http://www.veteransmuseum.org/ 



  • Battle for Fort Steilacoom on Saturday, August 18 through Sunday, August 19

    August 18-19, tentatively, Battle of Fort Steilacoom, Lakewood, WA., Sponsored public battle.

    Contact Shelly Butterfield, shellydbutter@aol.com, (253) 222-3590, and Shane Colgazier, (253) 851-5108 and cretetard@centurytel.net (253)851-5108. Awaiting approval by the City of Lakewood  Fort Steilacoom
  • Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Living History & Skirmish on Saturday, August 25 through Sunday, August 26

    August 25-26, Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Living History/Skirmish, Elbe, WA., Sanctioned (skirmish).

    Contact Larry Wendt, law222@earthlink.net                                                  



  • OCT BOD Mtg. on Sunday, October 21

    Westside and Date: TBD

    (Vote on the 2017 WCWA schedule)
    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912

    in Eastern WA, Argonne Library, 4322 N. Argonne Road Spokane, Wa 99212   509-893-8260


  • Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday, November 03

    November 10, Veteran’s Day Parade, Auburn, Sanctioned.            

    Contact Johnny Joyce, remnant64@yahoo.com, 253- 846-8958.

  • BOD MTG NOV on Sunday, November 18

     General Board Meeting, TBD. (WCWA Administration Board Election results announced.) 

    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912