• Printable Event Schedule on Monday, January 01 through Monday, December 31

    Printable - Look for 2019 Schedule in October!


  • OCT Board Meeting on Saturday, October 13

    Westside: TBD, but will try for King County Library in Auburn. 

    John Joyce, remnant64@yahoo.com

    Eastside:  Argonne Library,
                   4322 N. Argonne Road
                   Spokane, WA 99212  

    Gary Michie  509-233-8912

    The 2019 Event schedule will be voted on at this meeting.


  • Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday, November 03

    November 10, Veteran’s Day Parade, Auburn, Sanctioned.            

    Contact Johnny Joyce, remnant64@yahoo.com, 253- 846-8958.

  • NOV Board Meeting on Saturday, November 17

    Westside:  TBD, but will try for King County Library in Auburn
    John Joyce, remnant64@yahoo.com, 253-846-8958

    Eastside:  Argonne Library,  4322 N. Argonne Rd. Spokane WA 99212  (509) 893-8260
    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912,  majormichie@gmail.com

    WCWA Administration Board Election results announced.