• Printable Event Schedule on Friday, January 01 through Thursday, December 30

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    Printable - New 2022 calendar coming soon.


  • JAN BOD Mtg. on Saturday, January 08 through Saturday, January 08
    WCWA Next Board Meeting-January,

     Meeting- On zoom will be the 8th of January- secretary will send out agenda and zoom instructions- a week prior to meeting. Look for it in your email. 


  • *School of Soldier on Saturday, April 23 through Sunday, April 24

      Event will not be @ (Fort Simcoe WA)

    **Offically at a new Location- 2 miles from 132 Elby Lane,

    Questions about Site call Rich at 509-910-4638, about activites, contact Shane C, Col Beard. 


    cretetard@centurytel.net                             Phone:  253-851-5108

    School of the Re-enactor, 

    Maybe even have our membership Meeting Sunday? ? 


  • Battle at Fulbright Park on Saturday, June 18 through Sunday, June 19

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