This is a WCWA & NWCWC Members ONLY event


This is NOT a Public event, Private Tactical Event for WCWA & NWCWC members only. Military and Civilians are welcome. This event is a hybrid tactical. Camps are off limits, but if you step outside camp, you are a target that can be killed or captured for points to be awarded to your enemies battalion. Don’t go alone to that water buffalo.. a 10minute walk could turn into an half an hour in your enemy’s camp before you are released or traded. If you have questions please reach out to Dan Russo -


  • There is a $20 per head REQUIRED participation fee. This helps cover the cost of the event.
  • Historically August has been a fire danger month. - Wood will be provided and above ground fire pits are ok. Bust be elevated off the ground. 

            UPDATE: Property owner does lot allow dug fire pits on this property. property owner will only allow above ground fire pits that do not damage the land, as they grow hey for sale on this land. Also, as of August 1st, per county fire regulations we can have above ground fires only. These must be in a retail available burn pit. You cannot have a fire on/in ground.  Sand/Rock liner does not cut it for property owner and county fire regulations. This may still change as we get closer to the event. Firewood will be provided but you will be required to provide your own burn above ground burn pit.

  • Dumpster is not provided. All participates will pack out there own garbage for disposal at home.
  • Participates are welcome to arrive no earlier than Friday August 26th. This is private property and is occupied by the land owners. DO NOT ARRIVE ANY EARLIER WITHOUT EVENT COORDINATOR APPROVAL!  
  • PLEASE NOTE: There is no potable water on site. You must bring your own water supply. 


Tactical Rules               I5 North to woodland directions                I5 South to woodland Direction

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