WCWA Confederate Brigade
- Adams' Legion -

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The Confederate Brigade of the WCWA consists of 7 regiments of Infantry, 1 regiment of Cavalry, 1 Artillery battery.

Also attached to, and under the protection of the Confederate military, are the Confederate refugees. Our Confederate civilians are always close by in the comforts of their towns. Each unit is a separate club with its own requirements, regulations, and identity, but on the field we fight as one cohesive brigade.

We Drill according to Hardeeís 1861-62 C.S.A. Drill Manual and our camps are set up according to C.S.A. 1863 regulations.We strive to be as period correct as possible while still enjoying the camaraderie and the friendships.

At our field events, our camps are open to the public. In camp, you will witness various scenarios throughout the day, such as: pay call, mail call, military discipline, and general camp life.

We also participate in Parades, Living History portrayals, School events, Period Fashion Shows, and Tacticals.

Come visit us at our events and enjoy some southern hospitality. Who knows, you too may decide to wear the Gray.



Brigade Staff


Brigade Commander LTC. Tony Lee 



BDE Sergeant Major

SGM  Jon Hile jonathanhile13@gmail.com 
Chief of Infantry MAJ. Norm Harriman  360-966-5132                  


BDE Adjutant Matt Cleman (LT Rufus Lawless) 360-348-2506
Chief of Artillery    
Chief of Cavalry SGM Bob Davisson 

 (509) 995-8619

Parson MAJ Danny Dougal





Confederate Military Units

Artillery Cavalry Civilian Infantry   Marines

Ministry Musicians Signals   
Pelham's Battery LT Kyle Thelin



14th Virginia Cavalry

Cpt. Larry Pullman (Commander)

SGM Bob Davisson  (Chairman) 

253-802-2979   bushrod43rd@gmail.com 

(509) 995-8619 bob@14thvirginiacavalry.org

11th Mississippi
Co G.

CPT  George Sier  


Elizabeth K.M. Sier

425-308-1224      geosier@comcast.net  



1st Texas Infantry LT Chris(CB) Miller-Zohn



2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry CPT Andrew Noll
7th South Carolina Infantry CPT Carsan Bergren 



15th Alabama Infantry Captain Mark Rounds  (Commander) 208-596-8092     startroop@hotmail.com

21st North Carolina

 1st Lt. Danny Dougall




26th North Carolina Infantry CPT Dan Russo (Commander)  26thcompanyg@gmail.com
Irish Jasper Greens        Georgia Militia 1st Lt. Brent Marshall (Commander)

509-230-6289  themarshalls1416@gmail.com


If you are interested in being a musician for the Confederate Brigade please contact the Colonel or his staff.