The 35-star flag was used by the Union from 1863 until 1865.

Washington Civil War Association

Union Civilian Corps

During the Civil War civilians were a large part of a soldier's life. A lot of civilians would travel with the army for safety and to be close to family and loved ones. Many civilians were displaced during the war. Having no place to go they would follow the troops, as they would be safer close to the troops then being overtaken by the enemy. These civilians played a large part in the soldier’s day to day life. They would often work as laundresses, cooks, nurses, writing letters and anything else they could do to help. On the home front the civilians would do their part too. They would take up sewing quilts, or knitting socks, putting together care packages, putting on benefits to help the soldiers and much more.


The WCWA Union Civilian Corps is here to portray the civilian side of the war. Men, women and children who want to portray the Union side civilians during the Civil War are encouraged to join. Families are always welcome. Even if men want to portray the military side of the war the rest of the family can join the civilians. We camp together and the military members are always welcome to camp with us. We camp close to the military so it is not a problem for military members to go between the camps. Civilians do not have to be affiliated with a military unit to join.

Civilians are encouraged to partake in scenarios and do daily activities such as cooking, sewing, quilting, churning butter, etc. Members are encouraged to use their own talents to show the public how life was during the Civil War. There are ladies teas and fashion shows to attend and get involved in.

As civilians, we can expand and use our talents to really demonstrate how the civilians lived during the war years. We can create a town setting or just be camp followers. We are a very important part of teaching what life was like during the Civil War years, and we have fun doing it, as well.

If you are interested in joining the WCWA Union Civilian Corps please contact:

  • Unit Leader, Union Civilian Corps, There Currently is not a dedicated Union Civillian Unit. There are many Civillian members, attahed to Military Units.



    For more info- Contact, WCWA Civilian Coordinator,     Vicki Cady