12th United States Infantry Regiment

1st Battalion, Company A

This picture taken at the Fort Steilacoom event in May 2011. We are proud that our members are so numerous and deligient at attending events that the 12th U.S. now consistently fields one of the largest bodies of troops to the Union Brigade....come be one of us!

Hurrah for the Union!

The 12th United States Infantry (reenacted) is a member unit of the Washington Civil War

Association. This regiment was part of the regular army and, as such, knew

rigorous discipline, polished leathers and shined brass. Our regiment strives to honor this

regiment in both appearance and knowledge with members stretching across Washington and Idaho.

The 12th U.S. company structure is unique in that unit commanders are expected to resign their commission after two years to allow a healthy development of new talent. We feel that this agreement is unique in the WCWA organization as most regimental commanders seem to keep their commands for years before passing opportunities on to others. We feel that these policies are going to make the 12th U.S. Infantry one of the strongest, most progressive units in the Washington Civil War Association for a very long time. COME JOIN US!

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