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 ATTENTION: WCWA 2017 Event Schedule 

Battle at Fulbright Park on Saturday, June 17 through Sunday, June 18 

4508 Main Street - Union Gap - Washington - 98903 - info@

 Watch and Share PSA- OTD

Special-Not to be missed: NIGHT Battle Saturday! 

Camps Open to Public- SAT9AM-5PM-Night Battle:8:30-9:30PM


Throughout Both days- Living History in Camps, Kids Games - 

Contact Rich Bright, 509-910-4638

Next : July Board Meeting on Saturday, July 08 
  • General Board Meeting, West Side  TBD

  • Eastern WA-Spokane County Argonne Library, 4322 North Argonne Road, Spokane 99212.

    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912,

 "Appoint Election Coordinator"

2016  Election News!
August 31 was the deadline for nominations This weekend I confirmed who wanted to run and who did not. We had one candidate for each office, except- no Treasurer and two for membership. Bless Beth Sier, she decided to drop her nomination and accept a nomination for Treasurer. (thanks) Therefore, we have 1 candidate for all the offices and no contested races. So at the next meeting of the BOD in October, we will validate those candidates, so I am happy to announce, that your 2017 Officers for the WCWA:
Position Officers for the 2017 Season
Chairman: Gary Michie
Vice Chairman:Johnny J.
Secretary: Kevin S.
Treasurer: Beth Sier
Membership: Sharron Bortz
Civilian North:Lynne Harriman 
Civilian South:Merilee
Union Commander: Shane C
Confed Commander: Carnan Bergren
Congratulations and thank you for accepting these responsibilities and duties, to assist and guide the WCWA for another year.
Rich Bright
Election Coordinator

Printable Schedule  Come back in September for 2017 Proposed events: 
New FaceBook site for members   Facebook site for non-members- get the latest news about reenacting in the NW

  Lincoln Shot - 150 Years ago


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This is from the rules and the Membership chair-
Monday 23 of May- is the last day for Renewal Membership to receive and process your 2016 Renewal Membership Applications for Deep Creek event. I REPEAT! No Renewal application for Deep Creek will be processed after the 23 and not at the Event!

WCWA - The Washington Civil War Association - Sign Up

 For Renewal or New members; Send completed Membership Forms, changes, and corrections to the WCWA Membership Coordinator: @

Sharron Bortz, 4104 E. 11th ,Spokane, WA. 99202
(509) 535-3479 -




 Great Article- About Veterens and Reenacting- used as a coping method-By John E. Persinger