• Printable Schedule on Friday, January 01 through Saturday, December 31

    Printable- Look for new 2017 Schedule by October-


  • OCT BOD Mtg. on Saturday, October 15

     (Vote on the 2017 WCWA schedule)
    Accept New Officers and Election Coordinators report. 

    TBD -Contact Rich Bright, Brightnot66@yahoo.com 509-910-4638

    in Eastern WA, Argonne Library, 4322 N. Argonne Road Spokane, Wa 99212   509-893-8260


  • Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday, November 05

    Auburn, sanctioned (no skirmish). VACANT- need a Volunteer

     RSVP Unit and number of attendees a week prior to Coordinator- This makes a difference for which category we are competing for. 

  • BOD MTG NOV on Saturday, November 12

    No Meeting- unless hold over from October Meeting

    BOD MTG,  12 NOV 10:30-1:30PM

      TBD Contact Rich Bright, Brightnot66@yahoo.com 509-910-4638

    and  Eastern WA; Spokane County Argonne Library, 4322 North Argonne Road, Spokane 99212.  

     Highlights: Election Results-