• Hot off the Press on Thursday, January 01 through Tuesday, December 01

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  • Fort Stevens State Park on Saturday, September 05 through Monday, September 07

    Hammond, Oregon.  Northwest Civil War Council event, for more information

    see http://nwcwc.org/stevens.html **FIRE BAN** No fires, no candles and no Battles, but there will be plenty of living history, and public interaction...


  • SEPT Board Meeting on Saturday, September 12

     (2016 WCWA Event schedule Submissions)

     10:30 to 1PM:  Location Board meeting,Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM at the Fall City Library-  Contact Rich Bright, 

     Brightnot66@yahoo.com 509-910-4638

     in Eastern WA, Argonne Library, 4322 N. Argonne Road Spokane, Wa 99212 509-893-8260


  • Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Living History & Skirmish on Saturday, September 12 through Saturday, September 12

    Senic Elbe WA, Train Event                                                                Sanctioned skirmish. Contact Larry Wendt, law222@earthlink.net.



  • TRI-CITIES Living History Event on Friday, September 18 through Sunday, September 20

    September 18 School Event
    Open to Public 19-20, Kennewick Living History Event, Kennewick, sanctioned skirmish. Contact Ron Evans, ron@keystonebattery.org, 509-347-6753.

    Columbia Park Living History/Skirmish Event- Kennewick WA
    Draft- Itinerary 

    18- School Event
    19 Saturday  
    9AM-3PM Open to Public- Living History  
    11AM-12 Skirmish (Battle)
    12- Cooking and camp life

    1PM Fashion Show- TBD 

    2PM Artillery(Big Guns) Demo 

    3PM Cavalry (Horses) Demo  
    4PM Infantry (Small Arms) Demo 
     6:30-8PM Victorian Dance
        Public Welcome- to observe/Participate 
    20 SUN  
    9AM-3PM Open to Public- Living History  
    Church Service time at 9:15− 10:00
    10AM-10:30 Skirmish (Battle) 
    11- Cooking and camp life 
    12- Artillery(Big Guns) Demo 
    1PM Cavalry (Horses) Demo  
    2PM Infantry (Small Arms) Demo
    Library Link 


  • Othello Living History Event on Saturday, September 26 through Saturday, September 26

    Othello, WA, sanctioned.  Contact Laura Evans, laura@keystonebattery.org, 509-347-6451.


  • General Board Meeting, on Saturday, October 17 through Saturday, October 17

    locations TBD-Contact Rich Bright, brightnot66@yahoo.com, (509) 910-4638.

    Highlights: (Vote on the 2016 event schedule)


  • Veteranís Day Parade on Saturday, November 07

    Auburn, sanctioned (no skirmish). Contact C.B. Zohn

    zohnster@yahoo.com, (206) 909-7831.

     RSVP Unit and number of attendees a week prior to CB- This makes a difference for which category we are competing for. 

  • Autumn Ball on Saturday, November 07


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  • BOD MTG NOV on Saturday, November 14

    BOD MTG,  15 NOV 10:30-1PM

    City Hall,  38624 SE River St Snoqualmie, WA 
     Contact Rich Bright, Brightnot66@yahoo.com 509-910-4638


    Eastern WA; Spokane County Argonne Library, 4322 North Argonne Road, Spokane 99212.  

     Highlights: Election Results-