• Printable Schedule on Sunday, January 01 through Sunday, December 31

    Printable- new 2017 WCWA Schedule


  • Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Living History & Skirmish on Saturday, July 29

    EVENT is in Elbe WA, Rainier Scenic Railroad Living History/Skirmish, Sanctioned (skirmish). Contact Larry Wendt, law222@earthlink.net                                                  



  • Battle for the Columbia! TRI-CITIES on Saturday, August 12 through Sunday, August 13

    Columbia Park, Richland, WA 99352

    Click here= Directions:

    Open to Public AUG 12-13, Kennewick Living History Event, Kennewick, sanctioned skirmish. Contact Ron Evans, ron@keystonebattery.org, 509-347-6753. or Rich B. 509-910-4638

    Columbia Park Living History/Skirmish 


  • Battle of Snoqualmie on Saturday, September 16 through Sunday, September 17

    September 16-17, Battle of Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie, Sponsored public battle. Contact Robert Ballard, robertballard49@hotmail.com, (425) 649-5821.

    Links: Battle of Snoqualmie 



  • OCT BOD Mtg. on Saturday, October 21

    October 21, General Board Meeting, TBD. 

    (Vote on the 2017 WCWA schedule)
    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912

    in Eastern WA, Argonne Library, 4322 N. Argonne Road Spokane, Wa 99212   509-893-8260


  • Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade on Saturday, November 11

    November 11, Veteran’s Day Parade, Auburn, Sanctioned.                            Contact Johnny Joyce, remnant64@yahoo.com, 253- 846-8958.

  • BOD MTG NOV on Saturday, November 18

     General Board Meeting, TBD. (WCWA Administration Board Election results announced.) 

    Gary Michie  (509) 233-8912